Milli Vaginal Trainer - Wholesale Box of 5 Trainers

  • Milli's revolutionary technology was designed to help achieve your goals easily, and discreetly.
  • Static trainers can require up to 8 different sizes versus needing only 1 discreet Milli Trainer.
  • Designed and engineered in collaboration at the Stanford Center for Biodesign.
  • Soft silicone exterior (a naturally BPA free material) and vibrating features are designed for comfort and ease of use. 
  • Hand-held size with discreet and portable charging case. 


            Designed and engineered in collaboration with Stanford Center for Biodesign along with some of the world's top gynecologists.

            milli stanford center biodesign
            milli fast company world changing ideas award 2021

            Making the World Better for Women's Health

            Milli, part of Materna Medical's Fast Company "World Changing Ideas" 2021 award for healthcare innovations.

            More Convenient & Discreet

            Static trainers requires up to 8 different size options to achieve your goals vs. only needing 1 discreet Milli.

            Milli has no branding or markings for ultimate discreetness